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40” High Definition TVTV, Internet, Satellite: Well, enough said.  Let’s talk about THIS See Ya Gold. In addition to all of the features listed in the coming pages it has an incredibly functional custom cabinet that runs full length of the living room/kitchen slide out.  This cabinet was designed and installed by Arizona’s “The Builda” who himself lives full time in a See Ya and has a great reputation with Alfa owners.  This coach has a 40” high definition Samsung TV (Larger than those currently installed by Alfateers), an automatic satellite-locating high definition antenna for Dish or DirecTV along with a Blu-ray player (We started out with Dish, but switched to and highly recommend DirecTV). The big flat screen HD TV is hinged with gas struts to provide a large storage space behind it for books and CDs.  All Alfa coaches came with a small TV mounted in a top cabinet near the kitchen, but for most of us, it went unused and we removed it in favor of an open storage area for books.  When we went to high definition TV, we installed a 24” Visio HD flat screen unit in the bedroom which we enjoyed very much.

For a major communications upgrade, we had the large HughesNet DataStorm satellite antenna installed for first class automatic internet access anywhere, even in the farthest away primitive mountain regions.  This is great if you like to get way away for fishing and hunting, but still have the world at your finger tips.

"Office": This coach is really geared for the supreme comfort of two people.  The little used sofa was removed to make way for the full length cabinets on the large slide.  This full length custom cabinet has his-and-hers custom built-in desks at each end, with even more drawers and cabinets to further accommodate full time living.  In addition to the desks in this full length cabinet there are a number of specialty drawers, including a pull out document shedder and slide out printer tray.

Computer Desk – 06 See Ya GoldDesk 2 for convenient See Ya Gold living

See Ya Gold LivingSee Ya Gold Passenger Travel Desk







And, a really nice compliment for long drives, there is a passenger side removable desk top for companion computer operation when traveling.  This desk top stows when not in use.   There is a hidden “fish pole tray located all along the front edge of the large slide out.

For the best in TV and scenery watching there is an extremely comfortable leather LazyBoy recliner and an equally comfortable swiveling rocker chair and matching hassock.  On the rare occasion when we had a grandchild with us, we had self-inflating mattresses that we could bring out at night for the short time they were with us.

As mentioned earlier, this is all about meeting new people with whom to share the experiences and places you visit.  No matter where you are located, there is a See Ya's owners group in your region.  My wife and I belong to both the “See Yas” and the “Road Runners,” and what a kick that has been.  We have met so many people that we now count as very dear friends.  One of our motivations when we decided to go fulltiming was to look for a place in the country we would really like to live at some point in the distant future.  Though we had a wonderful time traveling, we have now found our Shangri-La and are trading our beloved motorhome life for a more permanent destination where we can have a large, fast boat and a whole string of “toys.”  We say “destination,” because our dream home is located all by itself in the middle of the vast tulip fields near Mount Vernon.

Washington TulipsWashington, with spectacular views East and West.  Ours is the gateway to the San Juan Islands, Canada (by fast boat or by ferry) and to great hunting and fishing in the incredible Cascade Mountains. When we decided to pause, the first thing we did was put in five full 50-amp hook-ups and the friends we have been so close to continually visit for Salmon fishing and all the Dungeness crab they can eat. 

To understand why See Ya people love their coaches, all See Ya Golds came from the factory with almost all of the features listed in the following paragraphs, plus a number of custom features we had installed which are unique to this coach.

Larger Engine: To begin with, the See Ya Golds came from the factory with a significant number of extras over and above that of the standard See Ya coaches. While both coach versions are same 40 feet in length on rugged Freightliner chassis, The Gold has the larger 400 hp Cummins diesel engine that provides that extra power and comfort when crossing through the mountains or for passing slow trucks on a hill.  The engine’s 2 speed and silent “Jake brake” proved to be a great feature for both city and mountain driving, and an appropriate companion to the 6-speed Allison transmission — making it fun to drive as you proceed to “see America.”  The Freightliner chassis and Cummings diesel place you in a performance league with the millions of “big boy”trucks plying the highway that typically are logging million miles before replacement.  With a reasonable expectation of a million trouble free miles or more, this coach has only 31,000 miles so it easily should have another 970,000 miles to go and we hope you enjoy every mile.

Storage: The coach has both basement and roof air conditioners, bringing true comfort in the hottest of summer locals.   A feature we really like is the Twin Temp instant and continuous hot water for long showers, which also gave us heated tile floors in the living room and bath areas.   The coach has a very efficient LP gas furnace along with an electric/gas water heater backup.  A feature everyone loves in Alfa coaches is the six foot six high ceilings and is a feature you have probably already found in your investigations.  Those high ceilings and the added overhead storage cabinets that result are unique to both versions of the Alfa coaches.  These coaches have larger than normal “basement” compartments with ample storage both inside and out. The Gold has a large electric slide out tray that runs to both sides of the coach.   A companion large manual pull out basement tray in the aft compartment holds the patio TV and a freezer/ fridge. The basement compartments also have six smaller drawers units, and large basement storage bay.  As a custom added feature, the forward basement compartment has hidden fireproof combination safe permanently secured to the frame. The driver side slide-out runs the full length of the kitchen and living room.  The slide outs on both sides of the bedroom tuck in nicely for travel and expand to provide the extra room and comfort whenever you stop.

Kitchen: Kitchen table tucks back half way under the desk cabinet, then slides out full length for meals, and is then expandable further to seat four guests. There are two Scandinavian design kitchen chairs and two fold-up upholstered chairs when you have company.  The kitchen sink is extra deep, with spray hose, garbage disposal, and modern faucet.  A counter top lid hinges up to access a garbage bin stowed in an under-sink compartment (The garbage can is accessed from the outside of the coach for emptying — a feature we always appreciated.  This makes trash removal easy and ultra convenient).  There is large Dometic side-by-side fridge and a Sharp Convection/Microwave oven (Your wife will love that).  We bought the same one now for our house kitchen.  A sleek design InterVac central vacuum cleaner was installed behind the unique fold-up kitchen countertop extension. There is a large pantry in the kitchen. A custom cabinet was built to house the stack-up 220V dryer and washer the replace the original 110V Splendide washer/dryer combo which  was notorious for not drying clothes properly, nor adequate for doing larger washings.  Plus, you will enjoy the LaundryPure system that was added  to provide superior clotheswashing technology.


There are two ceiling fans and three Fan-Tastic vents/fans with outside Maxi-Air guards.  There is the custom proximity sensor porch light, keyless entry, and additional track lighting in living room area. On the exterior, there are three electrically retracting window awnings that make life comfortable when you land in a spot that that you want to enjoy.

Bedroom: In the bedroom, we have a queen size Sleep Number bed with storage underneath.  In addition to the lighted mirror vanity on the driver side slide out, there are goose-neck reading lights. There is a hidden compartment for security storage above the bed in bedroom. 

BedroomBedroomBedroom TVCosmetics

Bathroom SinkBathroom: The toilet compartment has China lavatory, with an added custom sink and custom cabinets above the toilet. There is custom tile and mirrored walls in the vanity area with large wall mount lighted facial mirror.
For auxiliary power, the coach has a powerful 8KW diesel generator, with a large inverter for extended “dry camping.” Each bank of house batteries has the added convenience of single point water fill system.  The power entry point for shore power hook up is a special system installed by Dick Albritron in Louisiana (dick@wildblue.net), who you will find is a guy you will come to depend on for guidance on technical issues and upgrades.  Dick and his wife Trish are See Ya owners themselves and well known for their high degree of expertise with Alfa motorhomes.  Visiting them at their Louisiana home is a pleasure, for they have six 50 amp full hook ups and they treat every one that goes there as special friends.

Bathroom SinkBathroom Cabinets












In addition to the High Definition TV system, the entertainment center has five high quality speakers inside and 2 outside. There is Blu-Ray CD changer, a Clarion DC2625 6-disk changer CD player which is great for audio books when you are traveling. There is the original King Dome In-Motion satellite (inactive in exchange for high def system) Sirius XM radio and a Magellan GPS.  The Freightliner Smart steering wheel provides full instrumentation for monitoring engine, transmission, cruise control and other control functions.

At the driver side dump station compartment there is an outside shower, and extra lengths of drain hose and an expandable hose support to provide the proper tapered run to the drain.  The coach has electric winding reels for the AC cord and the water hose along with large cylinder dual filtration for the incoming water. A custom made full canvas skirt attaches under the large slide out for convenient out-of-sight extra storage for bikes and other sports equipment while in extended stay areas.  There is a reverse osmosis water system.  And there is a special automatic Cold Fire suppression system in engine compartment with an under-dash alarm. The standard equipment fire extinguisher is located next to the passenger seat with four additional “Cold Fire” extinguishers located throughout the coach, compliments of Mac the Fire Guy.

Drivers seatTo enhance night driving there are a pair of driver controlled left and right side lights for turning into side roads and driveways, which was always a major blind spot without them.  Special high intensity head lamps for night driving were installed by Alfateers. There is a custom glove compartment storage in the dash console.  And, a really nice compliment for long drives, there is a passenger side removable desk top for companion computer operation when traveling.    

TURN USED INTO NEW:  Whether you choose to buy this See Ya Gold, or another one, consider making one of your earliest trips to the Alfateers facility in Fontana, California for a check-up and the latest upgrades.  Since new Alfas are not available, buying a used one gives you the opportunity to get a great coach very inexpensively.  Then take about 15% of the extra you would have spent to buy a new one and spend that at Alfateers to get sparkling new full body paint along with having every system thoroughly checked and upgraded.   That is what most of the avid Alfa owners are doing, and they are coming up with literally fantastic coaches at a very small outlay.   You are at a great time to buy.

For that trip, plan on staying at one of Los Angeles’ best kept secrets: The Puddingstone Resort, in San Dimas. It is a great RV park located high above Puddingstone Reservoir.  Beautiful spot and you won’t believe it’s located with bustling city all around.  And, you will be very close to Fontana’s Alfateers site.

The NADA guide numbers as of today's date (5/30/12) are noted below.

The current NADA Guide lists that the 2006 See Ya Golds have a "suggested retail" price of $270,004, though due to the depressed economy they show an "average listing" price as $131,115 and a "low retail" of $108,830.  Though we have loved our See Ya Gold, we haven’t used it since we found our Shangri La here in the great Northwest two years ago.  Since we are paying insurance on it, and have essentially fulfilled our desire to travel, we are now motivated to selling our See Ya Gold and are pricing it accordingly. We invite you to come up and see it and we will put a deal together.  We will look forward to getting to know you and have you come back and stay with us for a week or two every summer. This is a great “home base” for all there is to see and do here in the Northwest and, it’s the gateway to great adventures into Canada and Alaska.   And, its free, because we love the company of motorhome people, particularly See Ya owners.